What to wear to a nightclub

Posted on:September 8, 2020


When it comes to heading out for an evening out with friends to a Nightclub Cheltenham way , you may be wondering what to wear. Here is a handy guide to what to think about when heading for a night out.

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Shoes – think about how far you are going to be walking. It can be tempting to put on your highest heels to dance the night away in, but after a couple of drinks and a walk through town you might be regretting the idea. Why not choose some heels that are not as high and keep comfort in mind for the end of the night. Or ensure that you have booked a taxi to pick you and your friends up from the nightclub at the end of the evening so you don’t have to walk too far.


Warmth –  a common problem when heading out to a nightclub is knowing whether to take a coat or other item to keep you warm on the journey home. Whilst the clubs will be nice and warm and the dancing will also keep you toasty you can find that leaving the club leaves you a little chilly. It can be difficult to carry a coat with you as you might find that you have nowhere to put this so why not grab yourself a cardigan that you can fold up into your bag and have with you ready for later on in the evening.

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Jeans – some clubs won’t allow you in if you are wearing jeans and trainers so make sure that you have checked out the clubs requirement so that you don’t arrive,only to find yourself being turned away because of your designer jeans.