Are Hurricanes Common in the UK?

Posted on:December 2, 2021


Something that we all expect in the winter is bad weather. It is wise to protect against the storms that come during this time, by doing practical things like repairing fences, as well as roofs with CT1 roof sealant, as well as making sure that we keep an eye on any weather alerts.

However, there are some storms that are so strong that even the most well-prepared person can come a cropper from them – one of these was the hurricane that hit the UK in 1987. This took everyone by surprise, as in those days weather forecasting was not as advanced as it is today, and there were many casualties from that storm, which taught us a lot.

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However technically, although that particular storm had many features of a hurricane including the super strong winds, it is not actually classed as a hurricane officially – this is because hurricanes are storms that form in tropical regions of the world, so therefore cannot happen in a place like Britain.

This technicality in the naming however doesn’t make them any less deadly necessarily. Fortunately, in the UK we are not likely to experience these destructive weather events anywhere near as often as in countries that are in tropical regions however, so that should give you some peace of mind when preparing for the winter weather.

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We will occasionally have ex hurricanes that have blown over the Atlantic, and these can still be quite strong, but have usually lost a lot of their power by the time they make it to the UK.