Record-breaking trees around the world

Posted on:May 28, 2022


Trees are quite remarkable. They provide us with much-needed oxygen. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They provide us with building materials and paper. They look beautiful, either on their own or in wood and forest. We have needed trees in so many ways that celebrating the real stars and the record breakers is good. The only time they can become a problem is when they decide to extend their roots into your drain system as they look for water.  Some CCTV Drainage Surveys can provide the answer. A camera will reveal if there is anything going wrong, and are the team to provide it.

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The oldest tree in the world. This title belongs to Methuselah. It’s a gymnosperm tree, related to some prehistoric trees dating back millions of years ago, and it’s 4,853 years old. It’s still growing in the White Mountains of California, but the location is kept a secret by the Rangers. They have a very good reason for this. The last tree that passed this great age was called Prometheus. It was cut down by a Geographer and his undergraduate assistant.

The oldest group of trees belongs to the colony called Pando. These are the exquisite quaking Aspen variety. They are thought to have a combined age of eighty thousand years!

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The tallest tree recorded honour belongs to the mighty Hyperion. This is a redwood sequoia, a gymnosperm, again. It’s somewhere in the USA on the west coast. However, like with Methuselah, its true location is kept a very close secret.

The largest forest in the world is, unsurprisingly, the Amazon. It takes up five million, five hundred thousand kilometres squared of the forest.  They call the Amazon the lungs of the planet, and it’s not that far from the truth. Sadly. An area the size of Wales is cut down each year. The land is primarily used for cattle to be farmed on afterwards.

The most common tree in the world is the Red Alder. The main reason for this is that it grows anywhere and everywhere, plus it grows very quickly. It’s also quite a pretty tree to look at and isn’t too invasive when it does appear. It’s closely followed by PInes. Like the Alder. Pines, once established, grow very quickly, creating a forest in quite a short time.