Uganda: The Essential Bucket List

Posted on:September 25, 2019



Uganda is steadily becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations of east Africa. From the snowy Rwenzori Mountains to the idyllic Lake Victoria, this country is diverse and utterly delightful. Here are the top five things to see and do on your trip.

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Go on Safari

No trip to east Africa would be complete without a safari trip, but Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park is something special. While there, look out for tree-climbing lions and let the beauty of the remote plains wash over you as you look out for the ninety-six species of mammals and over six hundred species of birds!

Get Up into the Mountains

There are ten national parks in Uganda, but Rwenzori is the most popular because of its stunning mountain range. As the highest in Africa, many tourists choose to trek along the peaks. Keep your eyes peeled for the Angola colobus monkeys! Visit Uganda have some great tips on safe trekking.

Push Out the Boat

For thrill-seekers, the river White Nile is heaven. Ride the rapids between Jinja and Bujagali in kayaks or rafts and see an incredible mix of wildlife, including crocodiles. This is not for faint hearted!

Among the Trees

Budongo Forest Reserve has the honour of being the biggest mahogany forest in east Africa, alongside around four hundred and sixty-five other plant species. This is the perfect place for horticulture enthusiasts to experience the true geography of Uganda, and a whole host of animals along the way!

Bobbing Along on the Lake

While Uganda is technically land locked with no seacoasts, it does benefit from several beautiful lakes. Lake Bunyoni is a stunning area peppered with small and wonderful islands. You’ll find a selection of idyllic beaches perfect for relaxing and a whole range of sites of historical interest.

Monkeying Around

As well as doing Uganda gorilla trekking, many visitors go to this country for the chimpanzees. Head to Kibale National Park to take a guided trek through the forest and spot these gorgeous creatures. The tour guides at Kibale also offer nighttime tours for more adventurous travelers. It’s fascinating to see the nocturnal creatures that crawl out of the woodwork!

Add these tips to your bucket list this year for a truly memorable holiday in beautiful Uganda.