Augustus Gloop and the problem with tubes

Posted on:June 28, 2022


One of the most famous books and film adaptations is that of Charlie and the Chocolate factory plus the earlier Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Both deal with a scene in a similar way. Wonka has conducted a competition. He has hidden a set of golden tickets throughout the world in his chocolate bars. Most of the children that have found the tickets are horrible. Mike Teevee doesn’t care that he’s won and is rude. Violet Beauregarde is selfish and unpleasant, with an unhealthy love of chewing gum. Veruca Salt has harangued her Dad into simply buying a huge amount of Wonka Bars and getting his staff to open them until they find her one. Augustus Gloop is a boy who has had far too many chocolate bars and his shape reflects this. All of them, apart from the honest Charlie, are out to steal Mr Wonka’s secrets.

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As they make their way through the factory they come to the lake of chocolate and a garden of edible flowers and plants. Wonka uses a chocolate waterfall to keep his chocolate light and airy. The liquid chocolate is passed to other parts of the factory via pipes. It would need to use Pneumatic conveying systems like those from

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Augustus, being greedy, slips into the chocolate, despite Wonka asking them not to. He is sucked up through a pipe and becomes totally wedged into it. This gives the Oompa Loompas the chance to sing another song.