Finding a stylish pair of trainers is not that hard

Posted on:September 16, 2021


Are you the type of person that just wears trainers? It seems that in this world we just like to fall into camps of likes and dislikes. There are some of us that don’t want to be seen in such things and we would rather spend the time in shoes. Trainers are, to some, common and just won’t do. However you can’t clump around in all that thick leather for the rest of life. What trainers are there for the man who needs that bit of sporty comfort but must look good when out and about?

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Step forward Lyle & scott shoes. You can take a gander at them here by clicking onto to see what we mean. Whilst they obviously won’t fit with a nice suit they certainly cut it with a nice pair of chinos or some cargo pants. If you’re the type that eschews jeans then shoes are always tricky to match up. If you like to dabble in the jeans cult then at least you can see these make a greater partnership with them.

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It’s a beautiful compromise with style and substance. You can have a kick about in them, if you are that way inclined, but they also serve a pretty good first date shoe. They certainly have a class and feel that says they wouldn’t look out of place at a regatta. So. if you are thinking of taking the plunge and you’re not a usual trainer wearer these might just be the thing for you to pump for.