The importance of good hiking socks

Posted on:August 25, 2020


If you’re a novice hiker just taking your first steps into the outdoor leisure world, one of the most important facts to understand is just how vital a good pair of hiking socks can be. Many an experienced rambler will have their own cautionary tale of blisters remembered with a pained expression for underestimating your socks’ importance. Arguably as important as the boots, in fact!

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So what do you do need to consider if you’d rather have happy hiking memories, not painful ones? Although it can be hard to find good rock climbing shoes Ireland has a few retailers that offer a strong selection of walking and hiking equipment.


As your socks will be bearing you across many miles, comfort is the primary consideration. Try out several styles and sizes to ensure you find a comfortable fit in the correct size as this can be key to avoiding chaffing and blisters over long distances.


The material your socks are made from is also crucial. Traditionally hiking socks have been made from wool in order to avoid trapping moisture against the skin of your feet. Modern synthetic fibres, however, enable manufacturers to use a blend of ideal properties to create materials which allow for moisture drainage whilst still keeping your feet warm.

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Light or Heavy?

You can generally make an educated guess at what kind of density sock your activity may require. An afternoon strolling through the Pennines, for example, would probably be perfect for a more lightweight sock, whilst those wanting a long-distance hike through Dartmoor might require something thicker. Imagine you’re going climbing in County Clare, so require good rock climbing shoes Ireland offers beautiful scenery, but the weather might require you to pick something of a medium density. There are even several types of heavyweight sock for those anticipating extreme cold temperatures.

Design and Construction

A well-designed and constructed hiking sock should have the necessary durability to withstand many miles of walking whilst still keeping your feet comfortable. Look for pairs which incorporate extra padding in the toe, ball and heal areas, as this contributes to both comfort and longevity.

Remember, matching your choice of socks and footwear to the activities you will be doing can make all the difference. Much better you take in that beautiful view from the summit rather than inspecting your poor feet, after all!