Adding some little details to you reception area

Posted on:May 11, 2020


Adding some small touches to your office reception area can take it from being an entrance way into your building to a warm and welcoming environment. Here are some of small touches that you can make:

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Artwork – Carefully selected artwork placed on the walls can take your reception area from feeling very clinical to more friendly. The artwork you choose may reflect the work that your business does, or perhaps the colours in your logo and branding.

Reception Chairs – Adding a Reception chair or two to the area gives your visitors somewhere to sit after they have signed in at reception and makes the space feel more welcoming. You can find a variety of different chairs online so you will be sure to find something that fits in.

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Cushions – these look great placed on your chosen chairs and companies are using this in new ways by having their logo printed onto the covers or perhaps letters that spell out the business name. You can really show your business personality through the cushion choices that you make.

Rugs – Again rugs make an area feel more homely but it is important that you secure these down and that they do not become a trip and slip hazard.