Camberley’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Posted on:May 28, 2020


Known simply as “Sandhurst” The Royal Military Academy based in Camberley is just one of several Military Academy bases in the United Kingdom. Accredited for its successful and elite Officer training for the British Amy. When the soldiers or civilian personnel on the base need to get an important document off site safely to another base or to friends and family, they could enlist the services of a Same Day Courier Camberley to make sure the document, card or package arrives safely.

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The Academy’s address is officially in the town of Sandhurst Berkshire but Camberley is where its Ceremonial entrance is located. The aim or motto of the Officers who train at the prestigious Academy is to “Serve to Lead”, to be the Best and strive to achieve excellence.  Every new recruit or regular Service man or woman who wishes to become an Officer will attend “Sandhurst” to receive the high standard of training required.

There are similar elite Academies for the training of Royal Naval and Royal Airforce Officers and only a few of these highly trained graduates will go on to undertake further training at “The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom”.

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Active since 1947 the traditional colours worn at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst are Red, Yellow and Blue.  Queen Elizabeth is their Colonel-in-Chief and Major General Duncan Capps is the Commandant there. The training courses typically run for 3-4 weeks and approximately only half of the personnel selected to undertake the courses will actually pass and become an Officer.