Finding the right uniform for space travel

Posted on:May 7, 2020


What is the best thing to wear when one is exploring the universe? There seems to be a variety of answers but one of the best known is that of the Federations StarFleet in Star Trek. In the original series the ship was a maze of corridors with rooms for the crew, a rest area where you could play a complicated game of 3d Chess, the bridge, engineering and Bones’ medical bay, a place that seems to have only 2 beds for a crew of 430. Everything was nicely colour coded. Command Gold, Scientific Blue and then everyone else was Red.

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If you wore Red, you got nervous, especially if you had to get off the ship. This was combined with 3 quarter length trousers for men and mini skirts for women, no pockets and what appear to be Cuban Hills or knee high boots. Why the men couldn’t have relaxed with a nice set of Farah Shirts from I’ll never know.

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In the next generation things had changed. The crew members still didn’t have any pockets using some complicated clip system to attach things like Tricoders and Phasers. The Command Gold had been swapped for Red, Gold now falling to the lower ranks. Medical and Science people still wore Blue. The impractical mini skirts had also gone!