How pallet racking can improve your business efficiency

Posted on:May 6, 2020


Using the services of an Ireland used pallet racking company to provide you with shelving for your warehouse storage needs is a go to for many businesses looking to make the most of the storage space that they have available to them. These racking systems allow for even the smallest of warehouses to make the most of the space that they have available to them vertically as wella s horizontally. But, did you know that these systems can also make your warehouse safer and more efficient.

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For example when storing items off the pallets on individual shelves you require the need for staff to unpack and shelf these items before repacking them for deliveries. This takes time and each person can only pick and pack so many items in a day. You also run the risk of staff developing back issues and the risk of trips and falls when reaching or using a ladder for the higher shelves.

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Pallet racking allows for the entire pallet load of goods to be stored on the shelf. This takes away the need for staff to remove the items and frees up their time to move more pallets into and out of the warehouse. Forklifts are used to put the pallets into place which helps to remove some of the issues of trips and falls from height.