How to use a PDF to excel converter

Posted on:May 11, 2020


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PDF files are used by many individuals and businesses alike to share information. They are a document that can not be edited directly by the receiver and are often used to send sensitive information such as stock sheets, price lists and catalogues. Whilst they are undoubtedly useful they have one drawback. There is no easy way to analyse the data that they contain … or is there.

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A PDF to Excel converter can help with the analysis of data contained in PDF by turning the information it contains into an excel spreadsheet that can then be analysed and reported on in a number of different ways. The system uses a conversion algorithm to take the data from the PDF that you upload or scan in and places this in predefined columns and rows on your spreadsheet. This means that you have to do very little manual work other than uploading hte PDF and double checking the spreadsheet once it has been created. You can then set about using the data to create tables and graphs as is required by your business. The converter can work with small and large PDFs and the spreadsheet that is created will reflect the amount of information that is gained from the original PDF document.