Is it ok to ever own a Lava Lamp?

Posted on:May 4, 2020


Of course it is! And there are several examples and styles that you can get in the modern era. In the sixties. When the brand first began there were issues with the lamp as it had a tendency to overheat and cause the product to melt. If you feel that a lava lamp is the right move it might be time to have a look at the whole house as well. If that’s the case then some Lighting Specialists are possible required so that you can be sure the place is kitted out correctly.

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The “lava” in the lamp is actually wax and is in a water suspension. When the lamp is turned on the bulb heats the wax so that it rises in lots of interesting shapes. Usually a sort of mushroom shape in fact. As the hot wax rises it slowly cools as it hits the colder water forming a ball, this falls to the bottom of the lamp and starts the process again.

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As is the custom with these things most designs favour the retro sixties style. There are a few others on the market, some look like a rocket. Other newer styles have glitter added and even small rubber aliens to bounce around in it.