The ancient Landscape of Wiltshire

Posted on:May 5, 2020


Whatever it was about Wiltshire it certainly got the Ancient Britons going. The county is awash with Stone Circles and ritual burial sites such as long barrows and round barrows. Drive along its roads or walk its pathways and you will soon come across something that was created by humans some three thousand years ago. There is much to explore should you come and live in a Park homes Wiltshire property.

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Wiltshire has three of the most important sites in Neolithic history within its borders. The first is Stonehenge. This giant arrangement of Blue lias Megalithes is one of the most visited sites in the UK and it is easy to see why. Although the stones are greatly reduced in number you can still appreciate the majesty of the site and see the various round barrows raised around it. The second is the nearby Woodhenge, this seems to be a prototype of the large structure but no less vast considering the human hours of labour it would take to build.

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Finally there is Avebury and Silbury Hill. Predating Stonehenge these are several large circles of rough rock. Overlooking the circles is the human made “hill”, in reality a series of ever upward decreasing circles of limestone, of Silbury and a large Long Barrow at nearby West Kennet.