The cold and frosty Season of Winter

Posted on:April 22, 2020


The four Seasons of the British year are clearly defined as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, the fresh, green month of Spring has come and gone, the long hot days of Summer are a distant memory and the stunning multi-colours of autumn have faded.  The Season of Winter has arrived and brings with it ice-cold, frosty mornings, the possibility of snow and dark evenings at home with family sat around a roaring fire.

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Winter means that Christmas is here and on Christmas day families excitedly rush to open presents carefully placed under the tree, wrapping paper is torn off as “Ohh’s and Ahh’s fill the air. Gifts are gratefully received, children’s toys are joyfully played with, chocolates consumed and jewellery proudly displayed.  New clothes such as trousers, leather jackets, an Aran Sweater, colourful silk scarves and shiny shoes are all hastily tried on. Long before the traditional festive lunch has been eaten the floor is littered with the discarded remains of the bright and colourful Christmas wrapping paper.

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Winter can be cruel as well as fun, “Jack Frost” does his best to freeze the very air that you breathe.  Harsh, bone chilling winds, rain that lashes against your umbrella and soaks you to the skin, fresh, white snow that turns to sludge and makes walking impossible so you slip and slide as you try to walk along.  Stay at home if you can and take refuge indoors, sit in front of a roaring fire and enjoy a tasty mug of frothy hot chocolate.