The continuing struggle of recovering the land

Posted on:May 28, 2020


We are faced with a constant problem in the UK, how can we best use “the land”? We are an island with some sixty five million souls and this is rising. However, though we are a large island we are still pushed for space. We have some of the most sensational landscapes in the world and this brings in a good degree of tourism. There is still the question of where people will live and work; what space do we set aside for farming and industry? There is little if any appetite to reduce the green belt around our expanding cities, what then is the answer?

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One solution to the issues is the reuse of land that has become contaminated or is dormant following the collapse of a primary or secondary industry. These are areas such as mining and manufacturing. This industry has declined in the UK and it has left  large tracts of land unused and also a complete eyesore.

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These “brownfield” sites may hold the key to saving the green belt and be redefined. However, we must be cautious. The land could contain heavy metals or material that can result in the land being contaminated. Contaminated Land Remediation is now a growing industry as soil can be reclaimed. The costs for this can be less than developing green belt land.    Do you need contaminated land remediation services? Click on the link to find a suitable company.