The glorious, historic City of Gloucester

Posted on:May 7, 2020


The glorious, historic Cathedral City of Gloucester is situated close to the magnificent River Severn in the South West of the Country.  Surrounded by the rolling hills of the Cotswolds and approximately only seventeen miles from the Welsh border town of Chepstow, Gloucester is in a prime location. Gloucester’s famous architectural feature that dominates the sky line and makes this City stand out from the crowd is it’s historic, beautiful Cathedral.  Being the burial place for King Edward 11, having the most magnificent, stunning stained-glass windows and featuring in several scenes from the Harry Potter films Gloucester Cathedral is definitely worth a visit.

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If you are looking to visit Gloucester City it would be wise to go on line and find out about local car parking, cafés, shops, the Docks, museums and places of interest. A good Web designer Gloucester website will be easy to access and clearly show you everything you want to know.  Gloucester is a thriving multicultural -City and offers not only the main shopping centre but also has a large retail outlet situated at the historic Docks. Containing several restaurants, bars and cafes as well as all the different designer retail shops, The Works, The Cadbury shop and lots more.

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Gloucester is also well known for its provision of elite educational options; The Kings School, The Crypt School, Sir Thomas Riche’s and The High School for Girls.  The University of the West of England and the Ofsted rated Gloucester College, known locally as Gloscat are all located within the City boundries.