The Royal Albert Hall in London

Posted on:April 28, 2020


An iconic London institute, the magnificent Royal Albert Hall is a truly majestic building located near Kensington gardens.  The Royal Albert hall was opened in 1871 by Queen Victoria who laid the foundation stone herself and named the building after her late husband “Albert” who had died six years previously.  Many of the World’s leading artists, politicians, political leaders and The Royal Family themselves have appeared there.

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With a seating capacity of 5,272 the fabulous, luxurious interior can be used for live musical performances, theatrical plays and spectacular ballets even performed on ice.  The whole floor in the circular, performance area can be frozen so that the lithe, ballet dancers can perform their intricate moves all over the area. Important conferences led by a well-respected Conference Speaker have often been held within the “Round” as it gives the designated speaker a fantastic opportunity to connect with an enthralled audience. With the thick, plush, red, velvet curtains separating the upstairs booths and the stage being in the centre of the “Round” every audience member is able to get a great view.

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The “Night at the Proms” concerts have been held at the Royal Albert since 1941 and have been attended by capacity audiences ever since. Incorporating its own fine culinary restaurant this stunning venue is visited by the most discerning of audience members and frequented by the rich and famous. Huge, successful, popular exhibitions of Sculpture, Astronomy, Horticulture and Engineering are also held at this versatile venue.