What are the key nutrients of a vegan diet?

Posted on:September 24, 2020


When there’s any question about nutrients in a vegan diet, be prepared for a long response. That’s because a well-balanced plant-based vegan diet is chock full of nutritious elements that are healthy for everyone. Before you write off a vegan diet as not being right for your specific needs, keep reading.

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Needed nutrients

Our bodies need certain nutrients to survive and thrive. What we eat makes up a large part of this, and it is important to know what you are putting into your body to remain as healthy as possible.

A vegan diet is naturally high in fiber and low in saturated fat thanks to the inclusion of many nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes. Vegan bodybuilding meals and plant-based meals can easily cover the bases of daily recommended nutrients.

Fill up on fiber, protein, iron, and vitamin C

A well-balanced vegan diet will give you plenty of the vitamins and minerals you need. Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that comes in so many plan- based options, especially fruit, and vegans can easily end up getting more vitamin C than their meat-eating friends.

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The vegan diet also has a high intake of fiber-rich foods such as broccoli, peas, legumes and whole grains. Besides keeping you regular, fiber is also key to healthy cholesterol levels. Another nutrient that is abundant in common vegan food choices is protein. Contrary to popular belief, vegans tend to get plenty of protein thanks to legumes, beans, nuts and even spinach. Protein is especially important for muscle growth and keeping hormones in check.

Iron is another nutrient people are surprised to know vegans can find in their diet. There are indeed plant-based, iron-rich foods such as tofu, seeds and lentils, which help your blood transport oxygen.

Doing the work

If you’re already following a gym plan for bodybuilding, it would also make sense to stick to a plan for your eating. Working on muscle growth means getting very specific nutrients, so it can sometimes be helpful to follow recipes for vegan bodybuilding meals that will specifically cover the nutrients you’ll need. Helpful vegan bodybuilding meals will include the protein and nutrients needed to promote and maintain muscle growth.

From allergy sufferers to bodybuilders and those looking for cleaner living, a plant-based vegan diet can do wonders for people from all walks of life.