When a football club moves home.

Posted on:April 27, 2020


Once nestled in the Moss side area of Manchester sat the stadium of Maine Road. This was the home, since 1923, for Manchester City Football club. The ground was to be the teams home until 2003 when the clubs new and affluent owners wanted the team to move to a larger stadium in line with their plans. What does a team lose when it moves and how did people react to the news?

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Manchester is well known for its buildings. Construction Companies Manchester based one, such as https://www.piggottandwhitfield.co.uk/building-services/ understand the emotional attachment that people get towards constructions. A football stadium is a good example as there is so much memory and emotion tied up in the site both good and bad.

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In an emotional game the last one was a defeat so there were many that felt it was perhaps time to move on. The ground had hosted England internationals and FA Cup finals but its hotch potch nature, mainly due to its updates and rebuilds meant that it was no longer viable for the fan base the owners were looking to build. It was demolished and turned into a housing estate but there are memorial plaques.